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Our attorneys are dedicated to helping you through the difficulties of Family Law. Whether you are considering a divorce, dealing with custody, parenting time, equitable distribution or support issues, or involved in a Domestic Violence matter, our staff of experienced lawyers can guide and assist you to achieve the best possible result.


We regularly handle all types of Family Law matters including divorce, custody, support, post judgment litigation and name changes. Oswald & Zoschak, P.C. can also assist you with Wills, Health Care Directives and Powers of Attorney. The firm represents litigants in Domestic Violence cases as well as emancipation and college contribution issues.

News & Publications:  

Partner Jennifer Zoschak featured on 


Jennifer Zoschak, a partner in the family law firm of Oswald & Zoschak in Lawrenceville, New Jersey is featured in this news article. Read the entire article here: Getting divorced without breaking the bank.


Yours, Mine & Ours: Equitable Distribution in New Jersey            


We all know the story: Boy meets Girl.  They fall in love.  He buys a ring.  She buys a dress.  They get married, buy a house, fill it with stuff and live happily ever after.  Except nowadays, for a lot of us, happily ever after comes to an end and  Boy and Girl find themselves embroiled in divorce litigation.  So what happens to the stuff?

Property acquired during a marriage is divided by way of equitable distribution in New Jersey.  Some states follow the theory of Community Property and simply split everything down the middle, but in New Jersey there is a there step process to determine who gets what at the end of a marriage.... Click to continue reading

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